April 4, 2020



Oakleigh Lounge

Ticket / Pricing info

General admission 27.5 incl. bf


The Accelerators are a finely-tuned band that run like a souped-up 64 Chevy. This six-piece group, led by guitarist and vocalist Jeff Jenkins features howling vocals, squealing lead guitar solos, powerful harmonies, and conjurs up that big rock sound we all grew up on. Sing your heart out like a backseat driver, and burn some rubber on the dance floor like a petrol-head P-plater.

Shake your chassis to songs like RADAR LOVE, MUSTANG SALLY, RUNNNG ON EMPTY, BORN TO RUN, ROAD TO NOWHERE, & PARADISE BY THE DASHBOARD LIGHT - all classic songs about breaking free on the highway of life.

The new show Classic Highway Rock is a guaranteed night of nostalgia and dancing, and promises to take the crowd to ‘a time where you were free, out on the highway with the windows down, wind rushing through your hair & singing along to your favourite tunes on the stereo.’


    • 7:30 PM
    • Oakleigh Lounge